My career has provided me with a rich tapestry of professional experience.

After completing studies in engineering I was employed in the field for a couple of years before pursuing teacher training. Ten years of teaching Mathematics and Science in secondary colleges followed. During these years, while I did take on management responsibilities temporarily I tended to shy away and avoid them if possible.

A significant career change occurred when I was appointed to a senior management position at a regional TAFE college. Seventeen years of leadership and management experience followed. I consider myself very fortunate that during this period there were many professional development opportunities to pursue training in leadership and management.

My interest in the role and responsibilities of the leader and manager grew to the point where I took the plunge to set up a consulting practice that provided consulting services to small, medium and large, private and public enterprises up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia, under the banner of Bruce Staley & Friends, Consultants to Management. At the end of 2011 and after eighteen years of professional practice this phase of my career came to a close.

I now devote my time to my family, sharing Jesus, discipling new followers of Jesus and teaching others how they can do the same.

I have always found encouragement for my personal faith in Christ through local congregations. Firstly at the Hartwell Church of Christ while growing up with my family, then the Warrugal Church of Christ during my first year of teaching and for the last forty-six years with an amazing congregation of believers now known as the one2one Church of Christ in Ballarat, http://www.churchone2one.org.au/

Apart from blogging for several years, which has allowed me to express myself through writing, I initiated a Weekly Word of Encouragement starting in 2012. This publication is now available through the one2one website, http://www.churchone2one.org.au/resources/weekly-word-of-encouragement/. I’ve been privileged to see other writers become engaged in this initiative and who now contribute to the weekly articles.

Following Jesus is an ongoing adventure. There is more to come…



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