Peter’s Journey…

During his teenage years Peter faced the tragedy of the untimely death of a close friend. This event led Peter to lose all sense of trust, belief and faith in God, and thus began a long absence from church. Several other very unpleasant events along the way and Peter began to struggle with life.

Peter was employed in a variety of jobs including railway driver, builder, picker, boiler attendant and work in a blacksmith shop.

The urge to wander took Peter into the Australian outback where he travelled for nine years with his faithful four-legged companion, Molly. Molly’s faithfulness was displayed when she sat beside an old sick koala for three days before it quietly passed away.

Peter was in a remote part of the bush when the battery in his vehicle died. It was three weeks, completely stranded, miles from anywhere, when help arrived from an unexpected source. There was no modern communication technology available. However, a kindly Aboriginal man on discovering Peter’s predicament not only went and purchased a new battery but returned with the battery to an extremely grateful Peter.

A series of unexplained falls during 2010 eventually resulted in Peter being diagnosed with throat tumour. He very quickly found himself in St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne where he stayed for five months. Christmas 2011 was spent in the Peter McCallum hospital.

Peter is a medical miracle and he now speaks with the aid of a special voice box in his throat.

Peter took the initiative to reconnect with a former Technical School teacher. With Peter’s agreement the teacher arranged a support person for him. Thus began his spiritual recovery. “One Day at a Time” is one of his favourite hymns and Peter is thankful for the circumstances that prompted him to turn back to God.

Cross 2

Peter enjoys his time at church and says that now with God back in his life, along with the friendships and fellowship that he is developing and enjoying, everything is falling into place. He especially likes the small weekly Bible study that meets at his place.

Recently Peter took the step to be baptised in the company of a number of his friends.