Discovering God’s Compassion for a Lost World

“You are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love.”

Jonah 4:2

Following the Chosen series of studies our discovery group has moved onto the theme of Discovering God’s Compassion for a Lost World based on the four chapters of the book of Jonah in the Old Testament.

We have continued to use the three step Discovery Bible Study method, Look Back, Look Up and Look Forward. This method allows the Spirit of God elbow room and I have observed His influence upon each of our weekly sessions.
Across the course of the last eighteen months the discovery group has been a wonderful tool for encouraging discipleship – following Jesus. There has been a growing appreciation of the Scriptures, and a growing appreciation of the importance of being obedient to the Spirit of God revealed through the Scriptures. As such I have observed the willingness to share leadership and invite others to join the group, and a deepening desire to extend the opportunity, in the form of additional Discovery groups, for other God-prepared people, whether they are already followers of Jesus or simply seeking to know more about God.

Thus this growing appreciation has recently seen two other groups initiated in our community, one in a busy local shopping centre and the other in a popular bakery, holding true to our principle of taking the Scriptures into the marketplace.

Continue to pray for us…and continue watching this space…



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