Discovery Bible Study Update

Since early 2015 we have met to have a cuppa, read the Bible aloud and respond to five questions, what do you like about this story or passage, what does the story tell us about people, what does the story tell us about God, what does the story tell us about and finally who needs to hear this story.

Ace took the lead and suggested, because it was a long reading, we could each read a section of the passage of Scripture assigned for the morning, Jesus, the Bread of Life, found in John 6:25-58. The previous week we had read the story of God’s provision of manna found in Exodus 16:1-12.

With two green teas, three cappuccinos and one flat white ordered Ace started, and moving anticlockwise the others followed each reading a section, Arthur next, then Rob, then me, followed by Shane finishing with Mohamed. While it was Mohamed’s first time in attendance he didn’t hesitate, and with some help from Shane’s completed his reading admirably.

It was Ace, who had extended the invitation to Mohamed to attend the group. They had met during English classes conducted by the local University the previous year.

We were an interesting group, two Aussies, two Filipinos, one Kiwi and one Iranian. Our waiter, Richard, who had just  returned after six months away completing a personal trainer course was pleased to see we were still meeting. And today we had come together once again to read the Bible, for Mohamed it was the first time he had read the Bible.


Ace prayed for Mohamed and his success at an upcoming karate competion in Sydney. He also prayed for Shane, who was hoping his feet wouldn’t cause him any pain on his long walk home after our meeting.


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