Bromeliads Part 2…

In an earlier post, January 2014, I mentioned that I had transplanted several pups from a bromeliad that my brother had given me. But, alas, I have to report the transplants failed!

I reported my failure to my brother anImaged he explained that the pups I had cut off were too small.

Fortunately another pup appeared, so I left it attached to the original plant until it had grown larger before cutting it off and transplanting. The good news is that it has taken and is happily growing in its new pot.

While the original bromeliad, given by my brother, has continued to produce pups, those I cut off too early withered and died, and the pup I left attached longer has not only survived but thrived. Again my experience with the bromeliad reminded me of the Parable of the Sower told by Jesus in Matthew 13.

Jesus wants to reproduce disciples many times over across the nations. We need to be about the business of sowing the Good News of Jesus so that God can produce the harvest. However, there will be those who fall by the wayside and seemingly wither away.

The other important lesson is that we need to nurture new followers of Jesus and give them time to grow into maturity so that they too can reproduce other disciples.