A little while ago my brother, Noel, gave me a bromeliad. The plant was already flowering with a large and interesting pink bloom.


The bromeliad has now been blooming for months. Noel explained that the plant would produce pups that could be cut off with a sharp knife and re-planted. If you look closely you will see a pup at the base of the plant on the right hand side.


In fact this is the third pup. I have already cut off two pups and re-potted them. The removal of the first two pups seemed to give the third an extra lease of life. I am looking forward to removing it and putting it into another pot.


My experience with the bromeliad, which had been given to me, reminded me of the Parable of the Sower found in Matthew 13.

Although the bromeliad will have produced a further three plants it reminded me of what God wants to do many times over across the nations. We need to be about the business of sowing the Good News of Jesus so that God can produce the harvest.