Sharing Jesus by TXT

Vic had seemingly turned up unannounced at the church office. He wanted to talk to someone about getting back to God. A person in the office listened to Vic’s story and explained how he could return to God.

I was invited to give Vic a follow up call. After several attempts I was able contact Vic and arrange a time to catch up.

As I listened to Vic’s story I waited on the prompting of God’s Spirit. Vic’s world had come crashing down around him and he wanted to get back to God. I invited Vic to read aloud the story of the lost son, Luke 15:11-32. It didn’t take long, tears welled up in Vic’s eyes, and I was moved to tears.

I explained to Vic that he didn’t need to wait, that before he left he could be sure he had returned to God. Vic followed me and prayed aloud to commit himself to God.

Since then we have communicated by text message with Vic expressing his appreciation of the Scripture passages I’ve provided. I’ve been thrilled to observe the growth in Vic’s faith and the number of text messages continues to grow.

I mentioned at the start that Vic had turned up seemly unannounced driven by a deep sense of need. However, during our chat Vic explained that a good friend, the lawn mower man, who regular cuts the grass for the church, suggested there seemed to be good people at the church and he might find someone he could talk to.

God works through the people he chooses. And he can use text messaging as well.