Jessica, an Australian TV mini-series, is based on the novel, with the same name, written by Bryce Courtney.
Jessica Bergman, played by Leeanna Watsman, had been committed to a mental asylum by her mother.
Wandering the grounds of the asylum with her barrister, Mr Runche, played by Sam Neill, who is down and out and often inebriated, Jessica explores the possibility of regaining custody of her young son. Coming to the realisation that it will be next to impossible given her circumstances she turns to Runche and looking at him she apologises, “I’ve wasted your time.” Runche replies, “You can’t waste my time. It belongs to me and if I choose to use it on your behalf I will do so.”
Runche’s pithy reply expresses the essence of the effective use of time that is available to us. Time is a gift, assume responsibility for it and use it wisely.


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