The Doldrums

Professor Ryuta Kawashima M.D. in Train Your Brain: 60 Days to a Better Brain writes, At the onset of this training your brain function will improve somewhat steadily. However, you will probably hit a wall at a certain point. You may wonder why your results are not showing any improvement. But if you hang in there and continue your training a breakthrough will come and you will see your scores suddenly jump. If you are facing the doldrums, just remember that your brain is preparing for a leap.

The dictionary provides several explanations of the doldrums,
1. low spirits; a feeling of boredom or depression
2. a period of inactivity or state of stagnation
3. an equatorial ocean region of calms, sudden storms, and light  unpredictable winds.

The doldrums are often seen in a negative light, that something is wrong with us, and while the dictionary provides an explanation Kawashima’s note encourages us to see the doldrums in a different light, they are the forerunner of a breakthrough. Hang in, be patient and persist and rather than put yourself down and give up as is often the case when faced with the doldrums. See your doldrums in a positive light, rather than concern understand this period will pass, and is indicative of an imminent breakthrough.

The third explanation helps us understand the nature of the doldrums, calm, sudden storms and light unpredictable winds. Set your sail to pass through and gain the rewards of persistence.


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