Always Looking Up

Always Looking Up is the title of Michael J Fox’s second book. The first was Lucky Man. Michael of course is familiar for his roles in the Spin City TV series and the movie series of Back to the Future.

Particular emphasis is given to the establishment of the Michael J Fox Foundation to drive for research into Parkinson’s disease, Michael’s involvement in politics and the importance he places on faith and family.

While “always looking up” as the sole principle for one’s life is questionable – looking down may help you to avoid tripping, or looking sideways or for that matter looking both ways may avoid a nasty accident, or valuable lessons may be learnt from looking back and looking ahead may be helpful in negotiating what the future may hold – Michael thoughtfully explains his book contains the adventures of an incurable optimist.

Lance Armstrong, Christopher Reeve and Muhammad Ali are just a few of the names he mentions, people who significantly influenced him during his transition from busy performer to advocate for suffers of Parkinson’s disease.

Hero – An ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure.

Christopher Reeve – Superman
Before a catastrophe, we can’t imagine coping with the burdens that might confront us in a dire moment. Then when the moment arrives, we suddenly find that we have resources inside us that we knew nothing about.
Christopher Reeve
There was nothing sudden about it, but with growing assuredness, I began to plumb the depths of those resources. The important thing, I realised, was to avoid panic, and I couldn’t find a more powerful example of sublime grace under unrelenting pressure than Christopher Reeve.
Michael J Fox
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