Powerful Mentoring Tools

Mentoring Tool #3

The time management matrix developed by Stephen Covey is another powerful mentoring tool.

Essentially time management is a misnomer, the real issue is managing oneself. Time cannot be managed, each of us is given one day at a time to live. We decide how we are going to use each day.

The matrix as shown provides a valuable focus for a mentoring discussion particularly around the QUALITY quadrant. The matrix can be sketched on a piece of paper or on a paper serviette around coffee.
Organising around the QUALITY quadrant involves four decisive actions:

1. Identifying your key roles
2. Selecting two or three important goals related to each of these roles
3. Scheduling time in the week ahead to achieve the goals
4. Adapting daily

A fifth decisive action is delegation. Effective delegation is a high-leverage action. It opens up growth opportunities for people and the organisation.

Adapted from Stephen R Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, 1989, The Business Library, Melbourne

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