Powerful Mentoring Tools

Mentoring Tool #2

This next illustration is a powerful tool to capture and convey the essence of the experience of a person under stress.

The illustration, which is based on a spiral, can be used in conjunction with Mentoring Tool #1 or on its own.

Step One:

After listening to the the person’s situation I ask if I can sketch out what I think they are experiencing.

The pictorial appearance of their experience generally generates further discussion and verification that the sketch is an accurate reflection…

Step Two:

I pause for a few moments then ask, ”What would it take for you to breakout of the spiral?” and insert the arrow breaking out of the spiral.

Again it is important to pause and not offer solutions rather allow time for the person to suggest their own ways of breaking the cycle…

The interesting aspect of this illustration is that while the downward spiral may have occurred over time once an action plan has been identified the person is on the way to breaking out. Their spirit is renewed and enthusiasm returns.

On asking the question, “How are you feeling or what are you thinking now?” the person will respond with something along the lines of, “I know my way forward now.”

Here’s to effective mentoring.


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