What Price Encouragement?

It quickly became obvious that I had one excited young man on the other end of the mobile. I had already guessed but allowed him to give me the news. He had landed the job, junior administrative assistant in a local solicitors’ office.

What made the difference?

The whole process of seeking employment reveals, tests and, if we choose to, shapes our skills and character. We can learn the skills to search for and obtain employment however, longer term gain takes place with one’s character. It is character which enables us to enjoy life and weather its storms. encouragement is essential to character building. Find people who encourage you.

The search for employment requires courage, acknowledging that you may be fearful or anxious, but still taking the appropriate action to achieve your goal particularly after a period of not being successful. To maintain COURAGE seek out people who will consistently provide you with appropriate ENCOURAGEMENT.

Contact with job agencies, preparation of a suitable resume and letters of application, job prospecting, personal presentation and interview techniques are all very important in the job search. However, these need to be surrounded with lots of encouragement.

After first discovering the young man’s progress with his job search I confidently stated, “We will have you in employment by the end of May.” A SMART goal, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based. I didn’t know how it was going to happen but from that point we began to rally our resources majoring on ENCOURAGEMENT.


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